Backbend for Anahata Chakra


My 8 year old niece/god-daughter came here from Mexico this past year because she is sick and needed a consult with a cardiologist specialist. You see, she has a hole in her heart. She is young, beautiful and full of life; but she is in pain because the doctors in Mexico refused to treat her for different reasons. Some would say that she didn’t need the surgery. Others said that she needed the surgery immediately, but they did not have the skills or equipment to help her. Out of fear and frustration, her family decided to leave their careers, friends and family in Mexico and move to the US to be with the the grandparents and closer to a specialist at the UAB Children’s Hospital. Today, we all drove to the hospital for her consultation. We were all nervous; and even though my niece was smiling and being silly, I knew she was scared as well. It felt as though we were in the waiting room for an eternity. I was trying to help my mother and sister in law translate the forms from English to Spanish (which I am not so fluent in). We eventually saw the doctor and I was the only one who could understand and speak to him. I did not want to deliver bad news. Anything but that. She squeezed my hand as she lay there with her eyes closed and her heart exposed to the world. The doctor began to speak and it was not in pity. He had a somewhat, confidence to his voice; and my heart began to lighten. He explained a simple procedure and the minimal risks to it because she is young. A smile began to spread throughout the room. The questions and worries her parents had carried around with them for eight years were finally answered.

The procedure will be scheduled in 2 weeks; and if everything goes well and complications do not result in an actual heart surgery, then I will be taking her to the water park this summer. Just her and I, for a girls trip.
She is so very special to me and I am so happy that I get to watch her and her baby sister grow and continue to inspire me.

Open your heart and Anahata chakra with backbends everyday damn day. Tomorrow’s class at Yoga Bliss will be focused on the heart and what we can do on, and off the mat, to strengthen ours and those around us.
Hot Yoga at 5:30-7:00pm

Open your heart today to someone you love.
–“the guru” Katie


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